About Inayahs

Inayahs: Pioneering the Future of Vehicle Recovery

Inayahs, one of the country’s premier vehicle rescue and recovery operators, stands as a dynamic organization leading the way in innovation within the recovery industry.

Half a Century of Excellence in Vehicle Recovery

Over the past 50 years, Inayahs has established an impressive reputation for the safe and prompt recovery of vehicles using the most reliable methods. We have cultivated a dedicated clientele across diverse sectors and are recognized as one of the UK’s foremost repair and recovery companies.

Innovating Vehicle Recovery: Inayahs’ Nationwide Impact

Leveraging extensive experience and a dynamic approach, Inayahs has developed and launched numerous innovative initiatives that are driving the expansion and continual enhancement of our vehicle recovery and repair services throughout the entire United Kingdom.

Safety, security and assistance; rescue and recovery delivered calmly and confidently

Setting the Standard in Vehicle Rescue and Service Excellence

Orchestrated by cutting-edge technology and executed by dedicated professionals, Inayahs is equipped with the latest vehicles and tools. Our commitment to excellence will establish the gold standard in vehicle rescue.

No matter the vehicle or location, our adept technicians and comprehensive fleet are prepared to handle any situation, always with a focus on safety and a commitment to providing outstanding service.

Why choose Inayahs?

What distinguishes Inayahs from the rest is the sheer scale of our fleet, the extensive array of equipment, and the advanced technology we employ. Boasting a fleet of over 300 vehicles, we ensure accessibility anywhere and at any time. From repair and recovery to coordinating with the necessary authorities, we provide a comprehensive breakdown and recovery solution.

  • Nationwide coverage
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Over 300 vehicles in the fleet
  • Online payments

Inayahs has made significant investments in top-tier software, enabling us to monitor our fleet’s movements flawlessly and assign tasks directly to our recovery technicians electronically. This ensures efficiency and accuracy, eliminating delays or errors that can occur with telephonic job dispatch.

Our smart dispatch system guarantees that the closest available unit is assigned the task, minimizing both the travel time and distance for our vehicles, which in turn reduces emissions. Mindful of our ecological duties, we persist in investing in vehicles that comply with Euro standards, contributing to a greener environment.

Anytime, anywhere

We will repair your vehicle at the roadside.

We fix 4/5 on the spot

Our goal is to get you up and running.

No callout charges

Unlimited callouts as long as it’s not a recurring problem.

Free vehicle health checks

We offer free health checks for all your vehicles.

We cover you from the moment you take out cover.

Today, as has always been our practice, Inayahs’ roadside technicians make certain that our customers’ vehicles are repaired on the spot whenever feasible, or otherwise transported for repair.

All our drivers are outfitted in branded uniforms, providing you with the assurance of dealing with a trusted professional. We are comprehensively insured against all risks and proudly uphold PAS 43, ISO 9001, and NNHS Sector 17 quality accreditations.

Explore our array of vehicle recovery and repair services below.


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