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Pakistani Caterer

Catering is an important part of Pakistani weddings, where it is vital that guest enjoy the food. And, it’s not just the guests; you should too enjoy it without worrying about anything. Inayahs specialize in Asian wedding catering to make the event a relaxing affair for you.

Our Pakistani catering services brings a delicious selection of traditional and modern Pakistani cuisine. Our in-house Pakistani caterers can create a scrumptious and visually appealing menu using premium ingredients and mouthwatering recipes.

After the lavish wedding decorations, food is the one thing that guests remember the most and look forward to it. Impress your friends, relatives and co-workers with Pakistani cuisine that reflects your traditions and culture.

Delicious menu

Our Pakistani caterers can prepare menu from a wide range of Pakistani cuisines with great flavor and stunning visual appeal. If you would like to add an item of your own, we will be glad to do it for you. You can select from our vast range of Pakistani cuisine which includes Kebab, Cocktail Samosa, Cocktail Spring Roll, Heena-e-Seekh/Lamb Kebab, Lahori and much more. Our range of Pakistani cuisine covers everything from traditional to modern, from regional cooking traditions to rare recipes.

Our eye-for food design ensures that the food has both the great visual appeal and unmatched flavour. Asian cuisines are known for the mouth-watering species, colour and presentation. Let your guests enjoy biryanis and Pakistani classics like Nihari and Haleem and so much more.

A personalized Catering service

Asian weddings are all about traditions and we respect all regions and their preferences. We can create a menu that easily fits your personal requirements. Your guests will be naturally a mix of different people with different preferences. We can arrange catering to accommodate all kinds of requirements.

Efficient catering service

An efficient and prompt catering service is what you can expect from our Pakistani caterers. From experienced chefs to professional waiters, your guests will never feel abandoned. From refreshments to main course, you can rely on our caterers and feel like a guest in your own wedding because all you will have to do is enjoy.

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