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The stage is the single most important focal point of any decoration. This is where the bride and groom spend sitting most of their time and these wedding stages and mehendi stages remain captured forever though photography and videography. Getting the colours right, the furniture exact and the right conformity is of paramount importance to the overall impact of the stage. It is not necessary to remain restricted within traditional colours but due to our extensive range one can now experiment and create a fusion of colours that sets out the stage in a particular and unique way. In the majority of the pictures the stage will remain as a silhouette, therefore getting this silhouette perfect is a justifiable expense and effort.

We have one of the most extensive and vibrant collection of wedding stages and mehendi stages in the market. Whatever you choose from our catalogue they will be different from others, rest assured about this. Even if the furniture is the same, our lightings will set apart the stage from our competitors. We are always looking at new and innovative ways in highlighting our stages and getting the right exposure in terms of lighting is one area we keenly focus on.

We invest every year on new and innovative ideas. Concepts that are unique and different from the current trends is our speciality. We design our own wedding stages and mehendi stages with the customers theme and expectations in consideration. Our job is to provide the service the customer requires, but we go the extra mile by suggesting different ways of achieving the same requirement and result. Our catalogue of stages is a window of explorations by which the customer can be mesmerised by our colour combinations and effects. Things that the customer assumed were not possible or out of their price range is made available by simple adjustments.

We do not overcharge for our stages, on the contrary it is our belief that we are one of the most fair priced wedding stages and mehendi stages suppliers in the current market. We want everyone to enjoy our stages in their functions and one of the easiest way to do this is to make it available to every budget. As a result whatever capacity you may have, rest assured that with Inayahs wedding services you will get something unique, something vibrant and something classy within it. With our stages your guests will automatically assume that you have spent more than what you truly have. And this is our ultimate desire and token of appreciation – to provide you with a unique service and a highly competitive price and which ultimately is appreciated and enjoyed by all your guests.

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