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Event Management


Arranging a successful wedding can be one of the most difficult tasks a person can take on. The number of things that can go wrong if not monitored correctly is overwhelming. The stress sometimes is unbearable. We ask why would you want to put yourself through this? Most of the time the answer is, because we cannot find anyone reliable.

Let us introduce to you Inayahs - a wedding management company with decades of experience in organising events. We have several other businesses amongst which is a Saudi Hajj Ministry approved Hajj agency. We have been organising Hajj packages since 1986 and would say that nothing is more difficult than organising packages for Hajj. Arranging air tickets, visas, hotels, transportation, food, sightseeing etc all require meticulous planning, an excellent command of logistics and fantastic leadership skills. All these 3 qualities are pillars for managing a successful wedding.

We at Inayahs pride ourselves in the following - we are good listeners, we plan well, we monitor well, we keep within budgets, we are pre-active, our communication is excellent, we can speak in Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and English and not only do we respect religious requirements we actively engage in their practical implementations. Simply we become you and try to manage your event according to your requirements – but giving you the flexibility of having an experienced organiser behind you thus allowing you to peacefully enjoy your celebrations. With us you can be at ease, nothing will go wrong Inshallah.

Our event management team is unique. You do not need to purchase your wedding services from us at all. You can procure your requirements from elsewhere and ask us to manage your event. No problem, we can still do it. But I am sure you will not find the ranges that we provide, for the prices that we provide, with the services that we give elsewhere. All of our items are in house, we do not outsource. Hence we can guarantee low prices and product availability.