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Waiter Service

The success of a wedding depends to an extent on the courtesies extended by the waiting staff.

A well organised food distribution service goes a long way to satisfy the guests. Remember that most people attending the celebration will only experience the d├ęcor and food and make judgements of the efforts accordingly. In our opinion the families of groom and bride should emphasize greatly on this aspect of the wedding arrangement to ensure a lasting impression of their event. After all you invite people to your event in order to feed them.

We at Inayahs have a great formula in place to handle the servicing of food. Every event that we manage will have minimum of 4 supervisors monitoring the kitchen and guests hall. Our policy is to observe every step of food servicing from the point the food is put on plates by our chefs to the point the food is eaten by guests. Through this observational process we can easily identify any anomalies and address the needs. There will hopefully be no more one table having full course served and another not have had its starters given. There will hopefully be no more part dishes served, some dishes missed. And hence hopefully there will not be dissatisfied guests leaving your celebration.

The Inayahs supervising team is a young and dynamic setup. Our other business is a Saudi Hajj Ministry approved Hajj and Umrah agency where we organize and deliver service to in excess of 300 customers for Hajj for a period of 3-4 weeks and between 1700-1900 Umrah customers over a given year. We believe that this experience bodes fantastically well for our wedding waiting services and makes us have the edge over our competitors.

We are also unique in that we are willing to offer only this service without the client being obligated to purchase anything else from us. So if you want us just to service your food on your special day then we are most obliged. If yours is segregated wedding and require women waiters and men waiters respectively then this is also something that we can cater for and specialise in.