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Welcome to Inayahs – a specialist one stop destination for all your wedding essentials. If your objective is a well organised festival to celebrate your occasion, then we should be in your priority consideration.We believe that marriage results in the most wonderful relationship between a man and a woman. It helps to unify two individuals, broadens their shoulders and strengthens their focus. The wedding day is the single most important day of any life. Months of preparations, days of celebrations, hours of sleeplessness and minutes of excitement culminate into a wonderful memory. It is the moments from the day the decision is taken till the end of reception that weave into a special recollection that lasts a life time. Every one of these moments must be experienced, every emotion must be considered. We at Inayahs help you plan, organize, coordinate and substantiate your dreams to result in the creation of these special moments. We are there to reduce your burden, lower your stress and give you the confidence to smoothly enjoy your celebrations. We act on your instructions and suggest according to our experience and expertise. Our aim is clear – to help you live your dreams for those special moments that have been crafted in your mind for many years.Our packages are simple, our prices are affordable, our product delivery is guaranteed and our management is amongst the best. Your trust is an Amanah for us. We see it that way. And we do our best to ensure its exact fulfillment.

We provide the following services:

√    Wedding venues    √    Wedding food      √    Wedding cars    √    Wedding photography and videography    √    Wedding cards    √    Wedding stages    √    Wedding   waiter services  √    Mehendi stages and food    √    Henna services    √    Bridal makeup  √    Wedding event management  √    Accessories

We can provide you with any of the above services individually or in combination with one another. Or you can purchase your full wedding services from us. Rest assured that whatever you decide, the prices will be highly competitive, the products of the best quality and our management unparalleled. All of our packages come with a wedding consultant from order taking till product delivery. Someone will be there always to listen to you, suggest you ideas or accommodate any last minute changes that you may have. Our endeavor is always your complete satisfactionAnd finally ours is a dynamic, young team, in tune with today's trends, keeping abreast of tomorrow's developments, but not forgetting the history and culture of yesterday that defined who we are and what is today. We are a family run enterprise built on honesty, expertise, experience and service delivery. Hope to serve you soon...

Inayahs Team