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The Maybach 62 is most probably most well known for its many luxury features such as fully reclining rear seats which resemble the feeling of travelling in first class in an aeroplane. The Maybach 62 includes an assortment of additional features such as Cockpit Management and Navigation System and automatic closing doors to list but a few of the gadgets that can be found in this ultra long chauffeur vehicle.

The Maybach 62 is a car built solely for being chauffeur driven in. The Maybach 62 boasts a long list of luxury features of which the most notable and unique is its fully-reclining rear seats. The reclining seats undoubtedly place the Maybach 62 in a luxury league of its own. The Maybach 62 also includes an array of additional features such as Cockpit Management, rear entertainment system and access to its on board telephone.